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This past winter I presented on SKIN FAILURE at WoundCon, the first of its kind ONLINE Virtual Wound Care Conference and Expo. Brought to you by the publishers of WoundSource®,  this full-day virtual conference on Thursday, April 2, 2020 included a series of CME/CE sessions focused on skills to improve clinical competency in managing acute and chronic wounds across the health care continuum.  In light of the pandemic which curtailed several major national wound conferences, this online forum was a smashing success with over 10,000 attendees.

My session was entitled SKIN FAILURE: The Case for a Unified Classification System. My presentation accomplished the following objectives:

    • Review the concept of skin failure in its historical context
    • Review factors in today’s health care system that compel us to adopt the concept of skin failure
    • Review how terminal ulcer terminology and unavoidable pressure injuries fit into this concept
    • Suggest a path for the future

Distinguished co-speakers included Mary Brennan, Karen Lou Kennedy-Evans, and Diane Krasner.  I owe a big THANK YOU to WoundSource® for inviting me to present on this important topic!

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