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Medicine & Art (Not necessarily in that order)

This video presentation was delivered in March 2023 in the Winter Talk series sponsored by NYC Urban Sketchers, hosted by Mark Leibowitz. Here I discuss how I have integrated medicine with art, and art with medicine, in the course of my career as a medical doctor in Manhattan. 

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New Textbook Chapter on Pressure Injuries & Chronic Wounds

I am thrilled that my chapter entitled Pressure Injury and Chronic Wounds was just published in a major new reference work. The textbook is entitled Geriatric Medicine: A Person Centered Evidence Based Approach and is available on Springerlink. My chapter is illustrated by photos taken over years in practice, and illustrations that demonstrate pressure injury staging and aging skin.

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Malnutrition Can Impact Wound Healing

To promote effective wound healing, it’s essential for individuals who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition to address their nutritional deficiencies through dietary improvements or, in severe cases, medical interventions such as nutritional supplements, feeding tubes, or intravenous nutrition.

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Wound Bed Preparation is a Crucial Strategy to Heal Chronic Wounds

Wound bed preparation is a dynamic process that may require multiple interventions and ongoing care. The goal is to create an environment conducive to healing, reduce complications, and promote the restoration of normal tissue. Healthcare professionals, including wound care specialists, play a critical role in managing wound bed preparation for patients.

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Vitamins and Wound Healing

Wound healing is a complex biological process that involves inflammation, tissue formation, and tissue remodeling. Vitamin supplements can play a role in wound healing by supporting various aspects of the body’s natural healing processes.

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Teaching Wound Care at the American College of Physicians Annual Meeting

I recently had the honor of teaching a section entitled “Wound Care for the Internist.” at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in San Diego.  ACP is the largest medical specialty organization in the United States with members that include internal medicine physicians, subspecialists, and medical students. Kudos to ACP for including a section on wound care in their annual didactic.

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Elder Abuse on Film: A Geriatrician’s Viewpoint.

Events dramatized in this film are unfortunately sometimes encountered in day-to-day medical practice, but go unreported and unnoticed by primary care providers. In the film, the abuser was the victim’s sister, but abusers can have many roles including spouse, adult child, or unrelated caregiver.

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COVID-Related Skin Injuries

Thankfully the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over, but the public health crisis brought new challenges to the wound care world.  There has been profound impact upon the epidemiology of skin lesions such as pressure injuries, and this post will discuss major...

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Presenting on Skin Failure at SAWC

I was honored to present on skin failure at the Spring meeting of the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in Phoenix.  My presentation was intended to deliver basic concepts of skin failure pathophysiology outlined in my paper published in the March 2022 issue of Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 

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