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Myths and Realities of Blue Zones and Aging in America

I heard so much about the Blue Zone phenomenon that I went to check it out for myself. “Blue Zone” is the proposed name for a geographic area with large numbers of healthy elders. Advocates for this concept say they can reveal secrets for a longer, more productive life. Identified locations include Okinawa, Sardinia, certain towns in Costa Rica and Greece, and Loma Linda, California. Loma Linda was …Read More

The Flag Ladies of Freeport, Maine

When I heard about the Flag Ladies of Freeport, Maine I knew I had to photograph them. I saw their photos on-line and was impressed with their unique expression of patriotism. This past fall as the trees were beginning to turn, I grabbed my camera and flew to Boston where I rented a car and drove several hours to the hometown of JoAnn, Elaine, and …Read More

Photographing Aging in Okinawa

My father was an artillery sergeant in the bloody battle of Okinawa in WWII and I grew up listening to stories that sometimes gave me nightmares. Stashed away in my Jersey City home were his bayonet and pictures from his war album which I still have. As a geriatrician I learned that Okinawa has many old people, and in 2005 I went to Okinawa with …Read More

My Patient With The Tattoo

Mr. W. was brought to my office in a wheelchair by one of his daughters for a problem with his leg.  In his late eighties and ravaged by age, his skin was pale and swollen from anemia and congestive heart failure, and a gray beard was draped over his chest.  While helping him onto the examining table, his sleeve pulled up and I got a glimpse of the …Read More

Photographing Los Ancianos of Bolivia

This past summer I returned to South America to photograph aging, and one of these photos is featured on the December cover of The Gerontologist.  This is the flagship journal of the Gerontological Society of America.  I am often asked about my “TG” cover photos (there’s been about 40 since 1995), so I decided to give some background on this picture.  My destination was La Paz, …Read More

The Twilight of Jewish South Beach, Miami

When I was growing up, my grandparents wintered in Miami.   I remember visiting them and feeling the warm sunshine and sand that sometimes scalded your feet when days were hot.  In 1985 while training in geriatrics in New York City, I returned to Miami to photograph the aging Jewish retirees.  Little did I know that I was recording the twilight of Jewish South Beach.  These …Read More

Folk Legend Pete Seeger Joins Occupy Wall Street March

When I heard the news late Friday evening that 92 year old folk singing legend Pete Seeger was participating in an Occupy Wall Street rally on the West Side of Manhattan, I grabbed my camera and went to take a look.  I wasn’t disappointed, and posted some of the best shots above. By now, readers of this blog know that I photograph aging musicians and …Read More

Geriatrics, Art, and Ancient Treasure on Lake Titicaca

I recently traveled to the Bolivian highlands and Lake Titicaca to find new faces of aging, and on the way discovered an exquisite example of ancient treasure featuring geriatrics and art. The Pariti Ceramics Museum was not listed in my guidebook.  In fact, Pariti Island where the museum is located is so small it is unmarked on most maps.  I learned out about it from my …Read More

Aging Across America Goes to Sturgis

The elderly grandmother struggled to get her leg over the saddle of her Harley, and looked up at me a bit chagrined.  “I just had my knee replaced and still having some trouble,” she said. The event was Sturgis, perhaps the largest motorcycle rally in America, and this lady was one of hundreds of older cycle enthusiasts, some of whom have been coming every year for decades.  …Read More

Aging Inside Angola State Penitentiary

In November 2010 I photographed aging prisoners in Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana.  After the GSA meeting in New Orleans I drove 150 miles through the wetlands, past Baton Rouge, then north up Highway 66.   The facility was surrounded by 12-foot razor-topped chain link fences and sentry towers, and before passing through the gates, armed guards searched my car.  After entering the facility I had …Read More