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Terminal Ulcer Terminology Reconsidered

My new article in Wound Management & Prevention is a critical re-examination of terminal ulcer terminology.  In it I make the case for recognizing terminal ulcers as part of the spectrum of skin failure (and not necessarily heralding death) and used only in...

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Geriatric Medicine Recertification Completed

I am happy to announce that I passed the test.  I am referring to the geriatrics examination given by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).  This means that I am recertified as a Board Certified Specialist in Geriatric Medicine. Recertification is required...

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Art, Dementia, and Elder Abuse: The Sad Story of Peter Max

Back in high school I was a big fan of Peter Max.   His work was everywhere – on the cover of Life Magazine, on album covers for The Beatles, and on psychedelic day-glow posters at the head shop on Journal Square in Jersey City, the town where I grew up.  I remember...

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Wound Care Boot Camp at the AMDA/PALTC Annual Meeting

Many times I’ve been asked to provide a lecture on wound care with an allotted time of 45 minutes to one hour.  The reality is that wound care is so complex that one hour will provide only a superficial overview which may not serve many...

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Is the Pressure Injury Staging System Obsolete?

When I began researching my article in the March 2019 issue of Advances in Skin and Wound Care entitled Historical Perspective on Pressure Injury Classification: The Legacy of J. Darrel Shea, I did not intend to critique the staging system. I simply wanted insight...

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Cigarette Packaging in Italy

  On a recent trip to Italy I was amazed when I saw these pictures on packs of cigarettes. If this isn’t enough to scare a smoker away from these nicotine delivery devices, I don’t know what will.  For the benefit of my readers I am reproducing what I think is...

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Wound Care in the Geriatrics Review Syllabus

The 10th Edition of the Geriatrics Review Syllabus is soon going to press, and I am pleased to announce that I authored the revised Pressure Injury and Wound Care chapter.  This chapter covers much of the material I wrote in the 9th Edition, but has critical updates...

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Pressure Injuries and the Human Warranty

In this post I will discuss two recent articles that together make the case that pressure injuries might be a manifestation of a human biological warranty. The first is Unavoidable Pressure Injury: State of the Science and Consensus Outcomes, published in the Journal...

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Prime Time Television, Disease, and Death

I recently experienced the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance during a commercial on the evening world news.  It was an advertisement promoting a diabetes medicine that showed people with diabetes at a barbecue, cooking and dancing.  How different this was from my day...

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