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I recently attended a medical conference in Savannah, Georgia, and my stay was supposed to be short, but a huge blizzard coming from the midwest cancelled thousands of flights including mine.  Good thing I brought my sketching supplies, because I was in this charming southern town for another two days! Here is the view from my hotel room:Savannah, Georgia Sketch

I spent a lot of time in a mellow little coffee shop not far from my hotel, the Gallery Expresso.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

Taking a walk in the historic district, I came across this police car in front of the station.  Its a Chevy from 1952 or 1953.  I couldnt resist stopping to make a sketch.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

Back in the Gallery Expresso I did some more sketches of young people on dates, many discussing religion and the meaning of life.  Below is a sketch in evolution, first placing the line.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

Then coming in with some color…Savannah, Georgia Sketch

I love the old oak trees and the many scenic parks in the old city that are on just about every other block. This is Columbia Square, where the historic Davenport House sits.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

I stopped at Bernie’s on River Street and had some of the best fried oysters ever, and also did a quick sketch of the folks at the bar.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

Coming home was smooth until I got to the taxi line at Kennedy Airport, which snaked around the terminal in an endless queue.  Luckily I was able to grab a bus home.Savannah, Georgia Sketch

My trip to Savannah was a surprising delight.  Good food, nice weather, and great sightseeing!  And I was pleased with my sketches which is always a good thing.

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