Dr. Levine is a nationally recognized expert in wound care and pressure ulceration. and has published and spoken widely on this topic. He is a Board Member of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). Dr. Levine's Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers co-authored by Elizabeth Ayello RN and published by the New Jersey Hospital Association is in its 4th printing and has sold over 30,000 copies.


Faces of Istanbul

[portfolio_slideshow] I took these shots last spring after completing a ten day trip through Russia and Central Asia to photograph aging.  I didnt intend to do a lot of picture taking in Istanbul, but the visual lure of this picturesque city got me out with my camera. One


Quartzite: Where Snowbirds Come to Roost

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=9476] In my pursuit of growing old in America, this past February I went to Quartzite, Arizona to photograph and talk to the locals. This dusty town off Interstate I-10 is a destination for thousands of elderly retirees seeking an inexpensive getaway from the cold


Aging in Central Asia

[portfolio_slideshow] In May 2012 I traveled to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to photograph aging and gain better understanding of international differences in how people grow old.  I was amazed to learn the extent that elders are revered in traditional Kyrgyz society.  The collapse of the Soviet


Tradition and Healing at the Santa Fe Indian Market

[portfolio_slideshow] I’ve traveled hundreds of miles across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah to photograph the scenery and the people but I never made it to the Santa Fe Indian Market until this past summer. There I discovered an explosion of Native American art that builds on


In Search of Aging and Mother Teresa in India

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”9039″] It’s been over a year since I traveled across northern India to photograph faces of aging, and I’m still sorting through the images that I brought back. In the holy city of Benares, home of the great god Shiva, I heard of an old


Victory Day in Moscow: Part II

[portfolio_slideshow] It was Victory Day in Moscow, May 9, 2012 – the day that commemorates Russian triumph over the Nazi regime after a long and bloody war.  I went there to take pictures. The day started with clouds and rain but by noon the sun was gleaming


Victory Day in Moscow: Part I

[portfolio_slideshow] Victory Day is the Russian national holiday commemorating surrender of the German army on May 9, 1945. The country fought for 6 bloody years and lost over 26 million people including 8.5 million soldiers. In Moscow there is a military parade in Red Square, and


The Lucky Dogs of the Moscow Metro

[portfolio_slideshow] As a New York City resident I found riding the underground railway of Moscow a sublime and surprising experience, particularly as a fan of canines. Built by Stalin in the 1930’s, the stations are constructed with marble and granite and many are adorned with chandeliers


Myths and Realities of Blue Zones and Aging in America

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=5947] I heard so much about the Blue Zone phenomenon that I went to check it out for myself. “Blue Zone” is the proposed name for a geographic area with large numbers of healthy elders. Advocates for this concept say they can reveal secrets for a longer,


An Unexpected Religious Festival in India

[portfolio_slideshow exclude =”6488″] There are moments in travel when the mundane turns magical. This happens a lot in India, a country rich with ritual, mysticism and prayer where I was searching for new images of aging in the Fall of 2011. Unexpectedly at dawn I stumbled into a


Dr. Jeffrey M. Levine has authored numerous articles on topics related to healthcare of the elderly. These include medical history, prevention and treatment of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, elder neglect and abuse, and physical restraints. He has also edited a book on legal and regulatory aspects of nursing homes.