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Signs of Old New York: Part One

This is the first installment of my visual journal of changing New York City. The 12 year administration of Mayor Bloomberg ushered in many benefits including the High Line and the end of smoke-filled restaurants, but a development boom erased many signs of the City’s storied and gritty past. I’ve been photographing the old signs of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs since I moved here in 1984, …Read More

The Masks of Manhattan

I’ve always had a fascination with the masks we wear, in daily living and cultural extravaganzas. I recently posted photos of festival masks from a remote location in the Peruvian Andes, and decided to contrast that with a post featuring masks from Manhattan. It was far easier to take the subway downtown after work than ride hours on dirt roads in South America, but the …Read More

Sukkot at the Sages

One of my artistic influences is a man named Leon Israel. Born in 1887, he came from Pinsk, Russia in 1905 and made a living drawing cartoons for the Jewish Daily Forward. His sketches were published in a book entitled The East Side in Pictures, which captured elderly Jews selling goods from pushcarts and going about their daily life as poor immigrants in New York …Read More

Jubilation and Aging Hippies in Times Square

As it became clear that Obama was going to win the Presidential race, I grabbed my camera and headed to Times Square to photograph the celebrating crowds. To my delighted surprise I ran into an old friend – an aging left wing activist and hippie named Aron Kay who was infamously known as Pie Man. Aron is a holdout from the radicals of the 1960’s. …Read More

9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and a Weeping Willow Tree

Trees are extremely precious commodities in Manhattan, and it makes me sad whenever I see one come down. I was extra saddened this morning on the FDR Drive when I noticed a favorite weeping willow tree partially toppled by Hurricane Sandy. I didn’t have my camera so I picked it up from my office and got back on the highway to take the shots posted …Read More

Manhattan After the Hurricane

My office downtown is dark with no phone service or water, but I am thankful because my home is intact and we have electricity. Not so for many people whose lives have been upended by this historic, devastating storm. I took my camera out in the storm’s aftermath to see joggers on a closed FDR Drive and downed trees all over the City. I stopped …Read More

Umbrella Symphony in Manhattan

Last week I was caught in a summer downpour in lower Manhattan after I left the office late in the afternoon. I was wet and uncomfortable, and fatigued after attending to patients for most of the day. Like other New Yorkers trying to get home, I was rushing to the subway with my head down and my umbrella dripping. Suddenly I stopped, lifted my head, and …Read More

Inspiration in Central Park with Achilles International

Inspiration is wherever you find it, and on Sunday morning of June 24th there was plenty in Central Park. I was on my usual bike ride around the loop and discovered that the Achilles International event called the Hope and Possibility Race was about to take place. I cut my ride short and rode back to my apartment, returning with my camera equipment. I was …Read More

Revisiting St. Vincent’s Hospital

I took a walk past St. Vincent’s Hospital the other day. It was surrounded by fences, boards, and warning signs pending demolition of some buildings and renovation of others. The place I used to go for coffee before making rounds is now a Duane Reade. I felt a bit sad, having worked there doing geriatric consultations, seeing wound care patients, and teaching students and residents for …Read More

Art, Poetry, and Contemplation at the Howl

Last weekend I visited the Howl Festival at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.  Named after the poem by Allen Ginsberg, this was a celebration of art, music, and dance.   It was a beautiful day, and a nice opportunity to contemplate how New York City has evolved in the past two decades.  When I moved from Jersey to the West Side of Manhattan in …Read More