October 12, 2009

Aging show installed at New York Academy of Medicine

Aging show installed at New York Academy of Medicine

Aging Through a Physician’s Lens,” has been installed at the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan and will run through mid-January 2010.  The exhibit features nearly twenty years of images taken in the course of my medical practice and travels.  Curated by Donna Glassford, Director of Cultural Enrichment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the images present four separate portfolios which depict aspects of human aging: Social Networks, Self-Expression, Spirituality, and Frailty.  This show has been traveling through medical schools and libraries across America. Most of the images are in traditional black and white, but for the Academy exhibit new color images were added to emphasize the diversity and vibrance of aging in New York City.

“How fitting it is for The New York Academy of Medicine to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons with the Aging Through a Physician’s Lens exhibition,” said Dr. Alex Kalache, Former Director of the Ageing and Life Course Department at the World Health Organization, and Director of the International Centre for Policies on Ageing at Rio de Janeiro University.

Dr. Kalache continued, “I must confess that I was surprised by its content. I was prepared to see Dr Levine’s lens applied to his own medical practice and experience. It is much more than that. It is an essay on intergenerational solidarity, multiculturalism, social inclusion, diversity and on older persons as protagonists—expressing themselves through their day-to-day lives as community members and activists. This photograph essay beautifully expresses the spirit behind the United Nations’ decision to choose a day when all nations acknowledge, thank and celebrate the multiple contributions from older people to their societies.”

Independence and healthy living for seniors is a major focus of NYAM’s research, education, policy and community engagement initiatives. It is quite fitting that Aging Through a Physician’s Lens be exhibited at NYAM, since it was designed to raise awareness of aging in our society, particularly the need for training, education, and career development for caregivers for this vulnerable and fast growing population.

A reception and gallery talk will take place at NYAM on Thursday, November 19, beginning at 5:00 PM.  It will be co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Area Geriatrics Society.

The exhibit is open to the public during the day when the Gallery is not being used for an event. Please call NYAM’s Conference Center at 212.822.7239 to confirm available viewing times.

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